Bill Weasley (twolions) wrote in hex_files,
Bill Weasley

Bill Weasley, August 1995, Letter

Name: Bill Weasley
Date: August 1995
Format: Letter
Relevance: One of a series of letters between B Weasley and Charlie R. Weasley, discovered after the war, detailing the involvement of B. Weasley with Fleur Delacour and Sirius Black. Despite efforts of top codebreakers and arithmancers, no evidence of any details of Order activities has been found.

Prince Albert-

You're right. That crazy bitch didn't deserve someone like Tsura. She sounds nice. Have you shagged her yet? Or will you claim "it's not like that?"

Speaking of shagging, yes. I did. Or rather he let me. But- it's not really about that, pervert. No- he's not completely mad. A bit yes. But look at our family? No paragons of sanity there- cept maybe Ginny. And Taid and Granny Annie. Rest are nutters. But back to him. He has his moments. But he's not as mad as the others think he is. Or treat him like. Everyone else seems to act like he's broken or fragile or if not those, then like he's exactly as he was before he went in. Bollocks. All of it.

As for what I see in him? Fuck. You're such a girl when you ask me things like that. How can I answer that and not seem like a girl too? Prat. He's very smart but contained, like one of those puzzle boxes Uncle Gideon had. Can't force them open just have to know how to shift things around. He likes directness but not rudeness or crassness - and stop thinking that right now, Charlie- Also, the man prefers Bass and who can ignore a sign like that? He's a good bloke. But he's more than that. Bit wild. And he's locked up here like he was there and he's like one of those dragons of yours. And has a wicked punch too. And before you get defensive, I did hit him first. And yes this when Ginny wrote to ask you if you had flooed in to break my jaw again. You clearly have made it impossible for me to have any normal relationship with bloke.

I told you Fleur had moved here and was working at the bank, right? Yes, probably a few times. I'm thinking of letting a place near Diagon around Christmas- Maybe before. Probably before. Probably before Halloween knowing me. Whenever- I have to give Jack some time to find another housemate. But then I'm going to convince her to move in with me. Think she will? Damn, I hope so. God but I'm mad for her.

And no. We haven't. Not yet. Nearly. But- well, the time's not been right for her yet. Soon. I hope. Merlin's sparkly come on toast, do I hope it's soon. Balls are going to match my jumper if we keep this up.

Miss you.
Tags: 1995, bill_weasley, letter
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