Walden Macnair (carnufex) wrote in hex_files,
Walden Macnair

Name: Walden Macnair
Date: August, 1997
Format: Three photographs
Relevance: Result of a raid on the home of known Death Eater Walden Macnair after he was imprisoned for the first time. May provide some insight into the lifestyle and upbringing of same.

Exhibit A. Found in basement wedged between several severed centaur hooves. Identification spell found several prints, including that of Mr. Macnair himself and several others unknown. Glass badly cracked and covered in thick dust of  non-magical origin. Photo identified as Macnair estate.

Exhibit B. Found in attic, east wing, in a chest of fur robes. Similar in condition to Exhibit A, saving that glass seems to have suffered purposeful blunt force rather than random or age-related trauma. Subject of photo identified as W. Macnair, age estimated in early twenties.

Exhibit C. Found in room of W. Macnair, under large oak table. Damage appears to be a result of falling or similar. Subjected identified as Scottish deerhound, origins unknown.

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