Narcissa Malfoy née Black (blackdasphodele) wrote in hex_files,
Narcissa Malfoy née Black

Narcissa Malfoy, August 1992, Diary Entry?

Name: Narcissa Malfoy
Date: August 1992
Format:> Diary Entry?
Relevance: These notes in N. Malfoy's handwriting was an imprint on another piece of paper found in N. Malfoy's personal diary and would seem to imply that L Malfoy was not the origin of Tom Riddle's diary.

The youngest Weasley child begins Hogwarts this year. A girl. My Draco tells me that he hears she is infatuated with Potter. Hero worship. Read every piece of information written about him. Probably has pages of spell-o-taped notes covered in hearts. Girlish stupidity. But she will follow him, try to be close.

The teacher failed. He was not worthy.

I am.

I will see my family freed and lifted above all else for worth- as we should be.

The framework has been laid. If Lucius does not succeed in what I need, I will go within the walls of Hogwarts for help.
Tags: 1992, diary, narcissa_malfoy
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