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Bartemius Crouch, Senior

Bartemius Crouch, Sr, Memorandum, 29 April 1974

Name: Bartemius Crouch, Sr
Date: 29 April 1974
Format: Memorandum
Relevance: Bartemius Crouch, Sr wants information regarding strange behaviour among Ministry employees.

Inter-Departmental Memo-
From: Bartemius Crouch, Sr- Head, Dept of Magical Law Enforcement
To: All Department Heads
Re: Monitoring Activities among Ministry Employees

As you are aware, in these perilous times, it is absolutely imperative that we monitor all employee behaviour. Possible use of the Imperious Curse has been reported and I’m sure you can understand the necessity of ascertaining the status of your subordinates.

Therefore, I am ordering you, by authority of my office, to report any and all suspicious activity to me. Such activities may include, but are not limited to: sudden changes in behaviour or manner for no apparent reason, unexplained absences, acting furtively, suddenly stoppage of conversation when you enter the room, and reading or subscribing to subversive materials.


You should report anything you deem at all suspicious to me. These reports will be investigated by my office and appropriate actions will be taken if necessary. If you fail to do so, and it later comes to my attention, you yourself will be considered suspect, and your own actions will be subject to investigation and possible punishment. I expect your full cooperation in this matter and I look for your reports to begin coming in no later than the day after tomorrow.

Thank you for your co-operation

Bartemius Crouch, Sr
Head of Magical Law Enforcement

Private Meetings may be arranged if necessary

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